Recent News

Lab receives a Beckman Young Investigator award!

Jun 26, 2022

The lab receives a Beckman Young Investigator Award! This grant will fund our work on low-dimensional conjugated metal–organic nanostructures. Many thanks to the Beckman Foundation for their generous support! Check out the other awardees here:

Fellowship awards and other recognitions

Apr 04, 2022

Congratulations to the group on their many amazing accomplishments!! – Ashlyn received NSF GRFP and NDSEG awards – Kathleen received an NSF Honorable Mention – Devin received an Outstanding TA Award – Leo’s recent paper was highlighted by Nature Reviews Materials

Leo’s paper out in JACS!

Mar 10, 2022

Congratulations to Leo Zasada on his recent paper in JACS! We show that discrete metal–organic macrocycles retain many of the cool properties of conductive 2D MOFs but with enhanced processability. Many thanks to collaborators, including the Luscombe and Seidler labs. Check it out here!

Welcome new group members!

Feb 21, 2022

Welcome to our new undergraduate, Audrey Hill! We are excited to have you join us!

Lab receives NSF CAREER award!

Jan 07, 2022

The lab has received an NSF CAREER award! This will fund our work on metal–organic framework-supported bifunctional and bimetallic catalysts, as well as our outreach programs for K–12, college, and the older adult population!

Welcome new group members!

Dec 18, 2021

Graduate students Phuong Le and Devin Rollins officially join the Xiao lab. Welcome to the group!

Welcome undergraduates and rotation students!

Oct 04, 2021

We are excited to welcome undergraduate Jonathan, who started earlier this fall, as well as our autumn rotation students Andrei and Robert (October) and Emily and Phuong (November). Our group meetings are open to all interested first year students, and are held on Mondays at 4PM in the 4th floor CHB conference room (see here […]

Welcome summer students!

Jul 25, 2021

We are excited to welcome three new students this summer, incoming graduate student Devin Rollins, undergraduate EJ Brannan, and summer REU student Dina Chehada. Welcome to the group!

Check out Jack’s JACS paper!

Jun 29, 2021

Jack’s paper on the use of thermolabile crosslinkers to template multicomponent MOF pores has been published in JACS! Thank you to the ACS PRF for funding this work, and congrats Jack!

Congrats Ashlyn & Kathleen!

Jun 17, 2021

Congratulations to Ashlyn and Kathleen, who were both awarded CEI Graduate Fellowships! This fellowship funds exceptional researchers from departments across UW to apply their talents to clean energy research projects, participate in outreach activities, and develop professional skills.

Lab awarded DOE Early Career grant!

May 30, 2021

Exciting news – the lab has received a DOE Early Career award! This grant will fund the lab’s research on π–d conjugated molecules and materials.

Lab publishes first paper

May 12, 2021

Congratulations to My Do for leading our lab’s first paper! She synthesized a beautiful series of anisotropic copper cages that we’re excited to continue exploring in the future. Check it out here:

Welcome Ryan!

Apr 12, 2021

We are excited to welcome our new postdoc, Ryan Shafranek! He recently received his Ph.D. from the Nelson lab at the University of Washington. We are excited to have you join us!

Jack awarded NSF GRFP!

Mar 23, 2021

Jack, a second year in the group, received an NSF graduate research fellowship! Congratulations!!

Undergraduate Andy Wong awarded Mary Gates scholarship!

Mar 18, 2021

Congratulations to our undergraduate Andy Wong! He was awarded a prestigious Mary Gates research scholarship to conduct research this spring and summer. We are very excited to have him back in the lab!