What We Do

The Xiao lab is a synthetic inorganic and materials chemistry group at the University of Washington. We are interested in how controlling both the local and long range self-assembly and structure of porous molecules and materials can lead to enhanced transport properties (electronic, ionic, molecular), new catalytic activity, and novel emergent behavior.

Our Research Areas


  • Welcome new rotation students (10/29/2019)

    Welcome to our rotation students Jack, Jiaying, Bobby, and Leo! We’re excited for what the next five weeks have in store for everyone. For those interested in the Xiao lab, we do not have regular weekly group meetings yet, but we will have group meeting this coming Monday, 11/4 at 3:30pm in CHB 339, as well as on Monday, 11/25. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Lab photos (10/29/2019)

    The lab has been fully set up for a while now, but we finally got around to updating the website with photos! Check out https://xiaolab.org/lab/ for pictures!