• Congratulations Audrey, EJ, and Jonathan! (4/5/2024)

    Congratulations to graduating Xiao lab seniors Audrey, EJ, and Jonathan on their amazing accomplishments! Audrey Hill and Jonathan Aalto received NSF GRFP awards, and EJ Brannan received an honorable mention. Congratulations all!!

  • Undergraduate Jonathan Aalto receives WRF fellowship! (12/9/2023)

    Undergraduate Jonathan Aalto was selected as one of just twelve UW students to receive a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship! This program is designed to support promising undergraduate students who work on creative and sophisticated research projects in biosciences and related fields under the guidance of UW faculty. Congratulations to undergraduate Jonathan Aalto and his graduate mentor Kathleen Snook!

  • Ashe recognized with 2023 Cascade Energy Scholarship! (9/18/2023)

    Congrats to Ashlyn (Ashe) Kamin for receiving a 2023 Cascade Energy Scholarship award from the Renewable Energy Scholarship Foundation! This scholarship recognizes students in Oregon and Washington who have demonstrated success in their academic pursuits in renewable energy, broadly defined.

  • Congrats to Ashe on published paper! (9/9/2023)

    Congrats to Ashe on their paper, which shows how polycatechol nanohoop ligands can be synthesized from fluorinated precursors and metalated! This manuscript was the result of a great collaboration with the Jasti group at the University of Oregon, and was selected as a “ChemSci Pick of the Week.” Check it out here in Chemical Science!

  • Congratulations Devin! (9/9/2023)

    Congratulations to Devin, who received a CEI graduate fellowship! This fellowship funds exceptional researchers from departments across UW to apply their talents to clean energy research projects, participate in outreach activities, and develop professional skills.

  • Leo Zasada recognized by CEI student award (9/4/2023)

    Congratulations to Leo Zasada, who was recently recognized by a 2023 CEI student award for Outreach and Service! This award recognizes his leadership in organizing a new clean energy outreach program geared towards older adult audiences at local senior and community centers. Check out the article here.

  • Ashe’s paper is published in Chemical Science! (3/29/2023)

    Congrats to Ashe on their paper highlighting how simple solvent-driven changes to geometry modulate a host of multifunctional properties in 1D iron chains! Check it out here in Chemical Science!

  • Welcome new lab members! (1/7/2023)

    New year, new students! We are excited to welcome first year graduate students Adrian Guerrero and Fubin (Sophie) Song, third year graduate student Douglas Baumgardner, as well as undergraduate Kamaya Ronning. Welcome to the group!

  • Congrats to our undergrads Jonathan and Audrey! (1/7/2023)

    Many congratulations to Jonathan and Audrey for receiving Mary Gates Research Scholarships, which will support their research activities over the next two quarters!

  • Congrats to EJ for receiving a WRF fellowship! (11/4/2022)

    Congrats to our undergraduate, EJ Brannan, for being awarded a Washington Research Foundation fellowship! This competitive fellowship supports advanced undergraduate researchers working on creative and sophisticated research projects under the guidance of UW faculty.

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