• Welcome new members! (2/12/2021)

    We are so excited to welcome our newest members, Austin Kamin and Kathleen Snook! To celebrate, we took a fun new group photo. Go to the members page to check it out!

  • Lab is awarded an ACS PRF grant! (10/26/2020)

    Excited to share that the lab’s work on templating cooperative active sites in MOFs has been funded by the ACS Petroleum Research Fund!

  • Leo awarded CEI Graduate Fellowship! (6/11/2020)

    Congratulations to Leo, who was awarded a CEI Graduate Fellowship! The CEI Graduate Fellowship Program funds exceptional researchers from departments across UW to apply their talents to clean energy research projects, participate in outreach activities, attend conferences, and develop professional skills.

  • Leo receives NSF GRFP Honorable Mention (3/31/2020)

    First year Leo Zasada received an Honorable Mention on his NSF GRFP application! Congratulations!

  • Undergraduate My Do awarded Mary Gates scholarship! (3/26/2020)

    Congratulations to our undergraduate My Do! She was awarded a prestigious Mary Gates research scholarship to conduct research this summer and fall.

  • Welcome new members! (12/15/2019)

    The Xiao lab is growing! We are so excited to officially welcome Bobby, Jack, and Leo as the Xiao lab’s very first graduate students. Our postdoc Dawei will be arriving in January from the University of Houston. Two undergraduates have also joined, Andy and My. Please see the members page for more details!

  • Welcome new rotation students (10/29/2019)

    Welcome to our rotation students Jack, Jiaying, Bobby, and Leo! We’re excited for what the next five weeks have in store for everyone. For those interested in the Xiao lab, we do not have regular weekly group meetings yet, but we will have group meeting this coming Monday, 11/4 at 3:30pm in CHB 339, as well as on Monday, 11/25. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Lab photos (10/29/2019)

    The lab has been fully set up for a while now, but we finally got around to updating the website with photos! Check out for pictures!

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